Bullet Journal Flip Through - July 2018 A Page a Day

Blue green and Purple bordering a photo of an open bullet journal with decorated pages. Text contains New YouTube video! Bullet Journal Flip Through A Page A Day - July 2018

Hello friends!

Do you love Bullet Journals as much as I do? Did you participate in One Book July?

I actually didn't, but I did change my personal planner from the Happy Planner to the Bullet Journal for the entire month. I didn't want to leave a whole month in my Happy Planner blank. It would just feel so wasteful! I could've one-booked with just the Happy Planner, but...

Helen told me about how she was loving having a page a day in her own bullet journal and thought I might like it, so I dedicated the month of July to try it out, and I loved it!

Tracking things in a bullet journal

At first, I was afraid of not having enough tasks to put on a whole page, and really, I don't, but having a whole page allowed me to be more detailed with what I already like to track.

For instance, with Health, I was able to write down what Blogilates videos I did and therefore know what kind of workout it was. I do wish I thought to put the duration in, but I've done enough of them to know that 5 videos are about an hour, so it's okay. I also always know approximately how many lines it'll take for the Health category because it doesn't change much.

For something like Food, I had already been tracking it exactly like that, every day, for over half a year now. There's no calorie counting or portion sizes written down, but just tracking it makes me more aware of what I eat. If I don't have my bullet journal with me, I write what I eat on a notes app on my phone, especially if it was dining out. In the evening I have everything I need and know approximately how many lines it takes up in my journal. After writing it all out, I delete the phone note (I don't like phone notes clutter).

Decorating the bullet journal

The most fun part was the decorating! I didn't expect to be able to decorate every day, and you can see that some days were better than others, but I did try to make an effort to make every page presentable. Because this was my first time having a page a day, I really wanted to put in the effort to make it look nice and I think it paid off! I'm pretty happy with it.

Using Wacky Holidays as a theme helped break through creative blocks. It also helped with pre-decorating, which was great on the days I had less time. I did try to pre-decorate most of the month ahead (that helped) and added extra stuff on the day of, which didn't take very long. Many times the extra things added are just "lettering" and a little bit more washi tape or stickers.

To be super honest, the end of the month was busy, and there was some back planning. Which is totally okay! It did have me thinking about experimenting with having both weekly spreads and daily pages. I'm not sure how I'd like to proceed though. Any suggestions?

Hopefully, the next time I do another one of these I'll have more stickers/washi to work with! You might've noticed that I use the same Washi a lot. :P

As always, let us know if you have any questions or like seeing daily pages. We always welcome comments!

- Kim

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