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DIY 6 Pocket Traveler's Notebook Folder with Optional Card Slots

I really like the versatility of Traveler's Notebooks. It's definitely the easiest to customize and what better way to do it than via DIY?

This one, in particular, was filmed by Helen a while ago (hence the quality), but we never featured it on our blog! However, it's still chock full of step-by-step almost all real-time instruction on how to make your own versions of a 6-pocket file folder and a sticker/washi tape insert! I've written a blog post version here for those of you who like to read. Let us know if you'd like specific videos for how to make the Regular or Pocket sized ones!

In case you haven't subscribed to us on YouTube, here's a DIY playlist!
Simple DIY 6 Pocket Traveler's Notebook File Folder with Card Slots

MaterialsStandard Manila File Folder (or any other pattern)
- Scrapbook paper can be used but is less sturdy.Tape (Washi tape, clear tape, or scotch tape are all okay) ToolsRulerScissorsPencil or Pen (to mark where to fold)(Optional) Pa…

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