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DIY Last Minute Ugly Christmas Sweater

If you've been invited last minute to a ugly Christmas party or simply just on crunch time to come up with something unique and original without breaking the bank, then I hope this post can help you!

I have always thought Christmas sweaters, no matter how tacky were festive and really resonated the childish charm of the holiday spirit! I seen sweaters that are more cute and ugly, some funny ones and a few that some may take a second glance to comprehend.

I made this ugly Christmas sweater a few years back and decided to revive it for you all! The response I received when I wore this was either "That's really cute!" or "That is a good ugly Christmas sweater."

This was really easy to make because the stocking already came with the stuffed animal. If you're feeling really crafty, then you could add your own stuffed animal of choice!

 There are a plenty ugly Sweater kits sold in stores, you could also buy or reuse a simple sweater and a few decorations for a…

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