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July Favorites 2018

July has passed. That was quick!

One of my favorite things to look at on blogs and YouTube are the recap posts of people sharing what they have enjoyed over the past week or month. It gives me ideas for stuff I might want to try out or for gifts. The last time we did one of these was in June 2017!

So, without further adieu, here are our July Favorites, sorted by person:
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Helen's July Favorites

Tombow Dual Brush Pens - Primary SetSakura Gelly Roll Pens - Classic Set

Cat Stand Store Pencil Case
Easily find the utensil, neatly stores everything, super cute.Clear iPhone Case
So much fun, changing the picture underneath the case. It's like a new case every time, with zero extra cost.Amy's July Favorites

HP 15z Laptop -  New Laptop! Sims 4- We finally got to play it...addicted. Must have expansions!Expanded my collection of Harry Potter Wallets from Hot Topic. At the time of this posting, Hot Topic i…

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