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Easy DIY Sticker and Washi Tape Book / Traveler's Notebook Insert

This DIY sticker and washi tape insert makes an especially great gift for all the sticker and washi lovers in your life. Especially if you want to share part of your collection with someone without throwing full rolls of washi or half-empty sticker sheets at them. It's just a much better way to present it and super easy to make!

It's also awesome for travel and on-the-go journaling and makes it easy to carry a good variety of washi and stickers without random bulky bumps in the Traveler's Notebook.
DIY Sticker & Washi Tape Book Traveler's Notebook Insert

We have a playlist on YouTube for other DIYs as well!

Anyway, here are written step-by-step instructions on making the sticker and washi book insert because we also love those of you who prefer reading and photos. 💖

Please let us know if there are other DIY ideas you'd like us to do or any Traveler's Notebook or Planner problems you'd like us to try and tackle. As always, please share your creations b…

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