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20 Inspirational Mandarin/Cantonese Journal/Planning on YouTube and Instagram

Hi, fellow journal-lovers and planner nerds! It's Helen, the youngest sister of 3YearsApart.

This is a shout out to those of you who speak or learning Mandarin/Cantonese. Us three sisters are ethnically 100% Chinese but born and raised in the United States. As children, we were fluent enough in Cantonese to have a decent conversation and understood super, super basic Mandarin. Through the years, our need for speaking Chinese grew less and less which resulted in forgetting quite a bit. Well, not really for Kim. Fun fact! She spent some time in China before officially moving to New York! Kim's Chinese is pretty good in my opinion. But when learning a new language, it's something to review and study every day.

So after the long-winded backstory of my excitement for this post, here is how I found fellow Chinese planner nerds. Whilst searching for new journaling and planner videos to binge for some inspiration, I thought of searching for "Chinese bullet journal", the …

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