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Bullet Journal Flip Through - July 2018 A Page a Day

Hello friends!

Do you love Bullet Journals as much as I do? Did you participate in One Book July?

I actually didn't, but I did change my personal planner from the Happy Planner to the Bullet Journal for the entire month. I didn't want to leave a whole month in my Happy Planner blank. It would just feel so wasteful! I could've one-booked with just the Happy Planner, but...

Helen told me about how she was loving having a page a day in her own bullet journal and thought I might like it, so I dedicated the month of July to try it out, and I loved it!

Tracking things in a bullet journal At first, I was afraid of not having enough tasks to put on a whole page, and really, I don't, but having a whole page allowed me to be more detailed with what I already like to track.

For instance, with Health, I was able to write down what Blogilates videos I did and therefore know what kind of workout it was. I do wish I thought to put the duration in, but I've done enough of them to …

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