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How to Make Your Art Into Stickers | GIMP & Silhouette

Two posts this week?! Amy shared how she creates her character designs and her steps to digitize them. You can turn your digitized art into various projects, and I'm going to tell you how to turn them into stickers! If you have any tips for this process, please share with everyone below! My project will be stickers ideal for Bullet Journals, Planners, Traveler's Notebooks and so much more.

The images will have watermarks on them for copyright purposes. We plan on releasing this character in our Etsy Sticker Shop in the future!
Hint: this is not the final product for the shop.

Step One: Open ItStarting with your digital outline of the sketch, open it in your choice of graphics editor software. I will be using GIMP, feel free to use InDesign, Photoshop, Paint, whatever you got.

I will always use the bucket tool too fill in the lines and make sure they are all crisp and clean. If you start to color in the image without filling the pixels, you will end up with gaps surrounding th…

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