Plan With Me (Happy Planner) No. 001 | Ft. LazyCatPrints Totoro Spread!

Happy Planner in a flat lay with washi tape, scissors, a pen, a ruler. Planner decorated with sticker kit

Welcome to my first sticker kit Plan With Me in my actual day to day Happy Planner!

I've only had the Happy Planner for six months (starting January 2018) and within those 6 months, I've used three sticker kits. A free printable kit once by cutting out all the boxes, a Harry Potter Gryffindor themed kit that I kind of butchered, and now this!

I love that sticker kits are designed to coordinate so well. The colors make it so pleasing to the eye. The only problem is that I'm always hesitant to take a pen to it because of the fear of "ruining" a spread.

But it's a planner and planners gotta be useful.

This week I decided to use a sticker kit that Helen gave me a while back. It just felt so summery and sure enough, My Neighbor Totoro takes place from around June to August. They meet Totoro at the end of June and have good times together. What better reason to use this kit?

Since I'm inexperienced with the ways of sticker kit decorating, it was really interesting to see how long it took me (over an hour). I thought it would be much faster thanks to all the Plan With Me videos that I've watched, but I was wrong. It's harder than it looks!

Below is a video of the actual decorating:

I'll try it out for this week and see if having such a cute week helps my productivity.

I did fill out the planner right after finishing the video. For privacy reasons, I won't be showing the after the pen until after the end of the week. Follow us on Instagram to see it!

Decorating was very fun though, I would definitely do it again. If you have any tips or tricks, please let me know in a comment or contact us. It would be greatly appreciated!

Maybe next time, I'll give you a real play by play of how I actually plan (not just decorate) a week.

Materials Used:
Cacti Happy Planner (discontinued) from Michaels
Totoro Printable Planner Stickers from LazyCatPrints
Bow Sticker (discontinued?) from Paper and Gumption
Gardening Stickers from OnceMoreWithLove
Fitness, Cleaning, and Social Media Stickers from 3YearsApart
Totoro Washi (discontinued?) from KatsCorners
Gray Thin Washi from Michaels
Prang Colored Pencils
6" Stainless Steel Ruler w/Grip
Westcott Scissors
Pilot MR Retro Turquoise Fountain Pen

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