Journal with Me No.002 | Utah April 2018

An open journal with photos of hikes, food, an aviary, on a wood background with stickers, washi tape, and pens. 3 Years Apart - Journal With Me No.002 Utah April 2018

Oh boy oh boy, I just got back to NY from a trip home to see my family in Utah!

I made a Journal with Me YouTube video if you feel like following along with all the repetitive bits cut out. The video itself is only 5 minutes long, but in actuality, it took maybe an hour. If you have any questions (the character stickers I used are from our Etsy Shop), feel free to contact us or comment below. If you like more journal and planner related stuff, please follow us on Instagram!

Anyway, I mentioned in the video that I tried to find hikes/strolls through the woods that even my 76-year-old grandmother could do (she’s pretty fit though). She ended up going on only two of them, mostly because she’s not the biggest fan of mountains, but my sisters love to hike!

We went during the week so there weren’t too many people. Practically empty compared to hikes in NJ.

I’ve listed below all the places we went, ordered from Easiest to Easy: 

Tracy Aviary – Fantastic place with pretty dang happy looking birds. If you want to see the Bird Show, make sure you line up on time. There’s a limited number of seats (everyone must be seated) and they close the doors at 1pm on the dot. When we went in April, they had to turn people away, but I’ve gone on a rainy winter day and they still did a bird show for 2 because no one else showed up (weekdays are great in Salt Lake). The senior citizen discount is only 2$ off. Free for teachers.

Liberty Park – It’s like the Central Park of Salt Lake City. Except instead of Central Park Zoo, we have Tracy Aviary, instead of the Metropolitan Museum of Art we have Chase Home Museum, and instead of Turtle Pond, we have Duck Pond.

Mill B. South Interpretive Trail – Super-duper short. It’s literally half a mile, next to a river the whole time, and completely paved. The trail ends when you reach a pile of big rocks, though the best scenery is just past them.

Silver Lake Loop Trail – full disclosure, we didn’t get to walk the loop. There was like 3 feet of packed snow when we got up there. Still, it made for fantastic photos. It wasn’t even cold.

Donut Falls Trail – This was actually not on my list of grandma friendly hikes, but because Silver Lake Loop was too snowy, I took them here. We had to walk a mile or so before the trail starts because the road to the trail was still closed (most people park further out anyway), and when we went it was still pretty icy. Unfortunately, the donut of Donut Falls fell, now there’s no donut. :(

Bell Canyon Granite Trailhead – This is one of our favorite hikes, though not necessarily a grandma-friendly one. It leads up to a beautiful reservoir. If you’re inclined to go on a harder hike, you could go all the way up to the lower falls. We didn’t because we had our mum with us and she turns 20-minute hikes into 2-hour ones. :p Bring hats and sunscreen.

Hopefully, this helps some people find some things to do in Utah!

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