Doki Doki January 2018

Dooooooooki Dokiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

HEEEELLLLLOOOOOO this is Amy 🐒 back with another "onomatopeia for heart-pounding heart-pounding" popularly known as Doki Doki crate! xD

Welcome to the new year (based on the lunar calendar)! The Lunar New Year was on February 16 and for 2018, we celebrate the Year of the Dog. πŸ•πŸΆπŸΎπŸ’πŸŒ­

Although Lunar New Year is in February this year, Doki Doki shared their Puppy New Year Crate a month earlier so we may bask in the cute glory of all the dog-themed items. I know! I know! That means I'm sharing this after Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year has passed but that's okay! The Year of the Dog isn't going anywhere anytime soon. ;)

Cover Art by Pukaon

Dogs! Dogs everywhere! >3<

Still really like how the artist of each cover is a different artist each time (at least for me so far o.o) and mentioned in the brochure. I enjoy looking up the artist and browsing more of their artwork. :)

The Doki Doki 4 Koma or the 4 panel "comic".
More information about the Year of the Dog, personality traits,
and fun facts about Japanese culture during the new year.

Let the adorableness commence!

The Shiba Mat

There are actually muliple different color combinations of the mat: one shaped like the head of a shiba inu (two styles) and the other an image of a shiba inu against a solid-colored background(three styles). I received the yellow shiba head and it is freaking adorable. Not very big, its about the size of a seat cushion. The texture is similar to a bath towel, not the softest material but still pleasant to touch. Nice enough size to place at the side of your bed or as a new lounge mat for your pet. EEEEVEEEEEEEE~ (doggie doggie)

Cinnamoroll Notebook

Cinnamoroll is in actuality, a puppy (I always thought Cinnaroroll was a rabbit....anyone else? Just me? ...okay). The notebook has 30 blank sheets of paper inside and includes 9 stickers inside the cover. Seems like the notebook opens up manga-style where you open right to left based on the barcode placement on the left side cover. Doesn't really matter though since there isn't any indication that the notebook has to be used that way. My favorite item of this crate, probably thanks to my unhealthy addiction passionate appreciation for stationery items.

Dog Sponge

A useful household item that comes in three different breeds: Shiba Inu, Boston Terrier, and Dachshund. A soft sponge that could be used to clean non-stick pans or other kitchenware you don't want scratched up. Not actually as orange as the picture shows but no matter how I changed the lighting, it came out that way. xD I can't bear to use it though and destroy its beautiful face. xD Maybe for some light cleaning or dusting in my room...

Seal or Dog Plush

A plushie in the form of a shiba inu or a seal (also referred to as the dogs of the sea). It's cute. It's a toy plush. It's soft. It's mine. :)

Dog Ema

Wooden plaques where you write your wishes/prayers to hand at the shrines. You may have seen this in mangas/animes. Since there are no Shinto shrines near my location, I'm choosing (actually my only option...) to hang the ema in my room or craft room as a decorate plaque. :D According to the crate brochure, there are two different designs that you can get: brown dog that wishes you better luck in the new year, and the black dog that hopes all your dreams come true.

And that is all for this month's Doki Doki Crate! This month included 5 items, although I wished there were more. But that's just me being a greedy brat heeheehee πŸ˜€

Doki Doki actually recently announced some changes to their crate:

I had noticed there was not a Hoppe-chan when I first opened the box. Honestly I'm okay with seeing Hoppe-chan go (sorry Hoppe-chan, you are cute though). If I had to, I probably would have chosen more practical or cutesy items over Hoppe-chan (no really, sorry Hoppe-chan, but you're still really cute). I'm excited to see what kind of improvements they will make to their crate.

Thanks for sticking with me!

3 Years Apart really isn't sponsored by JapanCrate or Doki Doki. I just like to show off my goodies.

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