Kawaii Pen Collection


Pens. Cute pens. Another weakness of mine. But! But! But! All these are perfectly justified because it can be paired up with cute and wonderful journals! ...which will have to be a post for another time. ;)

Now my collection is just starting out but it will soon be GLORIOUS! Don't judge. XD

The Humble Beginnings of My Collection

Now lets start off with the first 9 citizens of Cute Pen Kingdom~.


Gotta Catch 'Em All! Pokemon! These were a surprise find at the dollar store. Set of 5, each sold individually at $1 per pen. Super cute pokeball, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander. Ballpoint pen that writes quite smoothly, similar to Bic Round Stic Ballpoint or Paper Mate Ballpoint Stick.

One thing I noticed: aside from the pokeball, you need to be careful when clicking down on top. Repeated pulling/pushing can start to tear parts of the pokemon off since the figure has thin attachments like the tails. *Black Ink*


Harry Potter pens *SQUEAL!* found at Target that was $4-$5. A bit more pricey since these are the Funko Pop design. Writes very smoothly right from the start without having to "wake up" the pen before writing like most ballpoint pens. These particular Funko Pop toppers are NOT detachable, but very detailed even for such a small size. Only able to get Ron and Ginny Weasley at the time (these pens sell quite quickly). >_<  *Black Ink*

Usually, I have a harder time justifying any purchase of food-themed items since it always makes me crave for the real thing. Food is very persuasive and wins all arguments against me...Exhibit A:

The ice cream cone pen actually belongs to Helen 💡 (I'm borrowing it indefinitely...) purchased from the Seasonal impulse gift section at Michaels for $3. One of the better ballpoint pens that writes smoothly. The stroke is on the thin side for those who prefer thinner lines.  The french baguette pen was a gift from a friend that went to Paris a few years ago. Doesn't write quite as smooth as it does tend to break the ink from time to time but the adorable factor is a 10/10 :) *Black Ink* French Baguette is Blue Ink

Links (none are affiliate or sponsored):

Pokemon pens

  • Couldn't find a link for the Pokemon pens for the dollar store since its not an item they carry regularly. I found them on amazon but they are higher priced.

Harry Potter Funko Pens

Ice Cream Cone Pens
  • There are soooo many different styles of the ice cream cone pen that are available on Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy. Online stores such as Zazzle also offers different varieties. Link to Michaels not available since it was a seasonal item during summer.
French Baguette Pen
  • I didn't personally purchase this pen since it was a gift but I found a website that does sell it or a different style of baguette:

Online stores that offer cute pens or other cute stationery items:
Next stop in stationery world domination: pen/pencil cases and all its possibilities! Wahahahahahaha!

Thank you for reading! If you find any other cute pens that are not listed above or if you have any recommenda---SHOW ME NOW!!!!!

*Not sponsored by any company or brands mentioned in this blogpost*
I just have a high appreciation for the adorableness and wish to share that appreciation. Thank you.

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