November Doki Doki Crate 2017

November Doki Doki Crate 2017

Hello everyone, and Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Amy here, back with a Doki Doki crate~!

Note: We're not sponsored by DokiDoki Crate, we just think they're cute!

The theme for November's DokiDoki Crate is Fantastic Feast!


First off, you gotta have something to hold your feast (I-am-barbarian-hand-style can only hold so much, need more!) so what better tool than a Kumamon Divided Plate! Specially divided to help you separate what should not touch on your plate with a cute little guy greeting you when you've finished. Or just forget the dividers altogether and make a food mountain, there will be no judgement.

Caution: Fuwa Fuwa Bread Squishy looks delicious but is not. Do not consume. Not that I tried. But this bread makes for a cute little stress ball. Although I seem to crave some bread every time I see it...

Hoppe-chan appears in every Doki Doki crate and she has not failed to bring her cuteness for November. In celebration of Thanksgiving, she appears as the Turkey Hoppe-chan! 1 out of 6 color combos.

The "Persimmons Are Bittersweet." Canvas Tote shows off Japan's traditional autumn fruit: persimmons. A great alternative to plastic bags from the store and staying green.

The EBI Funya Tempura Cat Plush. I'm not too sure what the story with this is but it is freakin' adorable. Comes in 6 different varieties.

Just finished eating a satisfying meal and all the napkins and hand towels mysteriously disappeared? Fear not! Rilakkuma Face Towel is magically there to save your messes because you always carry it in your pocket. Duh.

A wonderful little tool to make someone's lunchbox (or your own) more cute and fun! Hello Kitty is never the wrong way to go, especially in sandwich form. Or cookies. Or whatever else you can use with the Hello Kitty Sandwich Mold. There's also two other wardrobe options to change Hello Kitty's cuteness to another level.

Thank you as always for sticking through another crate with me! Hope this inspires you to look into all the different crates out there or just to try something new~

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