9 Lovely Places to Find Free Printables for your Bullet Journal / Traveler's Notebook

Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of spreading stationery love, joy, and appreciation, I decided to share some awesome printables from a few lovely people. Specifically, printables that work well in Bullet Journals and Traveler's Notebooks. I've also tacked on a few calendars as a bonus as 2018 is coming right up!

Worry not, they're all free! I know those budgets are tight this time of year.

If you have your own favorites, please share it with us in a comment down below!

So, without further ado:

Bullet Journal/ Traveler's Notebook Date Sheets:


Carol (MeowIllustration) is an artist in Australia who makes very lovely freebie date sheets every month. Her Instagram is full of light and happy watercolors.


YuShao also has free printable date sheets every month.  Some months have cute and fun illustrations, like a Christmas-inspired December and the Tsum Tsums in August (which can be used for any month as they have no day listed).


HalloAlice just recently started making date sheet printables in October and November. There was no December one due to life circumstances, but hopefully, she keeps making more!

Decoration Stickers:


Evelyne is a Swiss Native artist who lives in South Korea. Her blog posts are informative with lots of beautiful art and photos about life on Jeju Island and her creative use of bullet journals using stars.


The Uchino Uchuu Lab Instagram never fails to release a funny little bunny and friends deco sticker freebie sheet every month! They also make chat stickers.

All Sorts of Free Stuff + 2018 Calendars:


Archer and Olive has a really clean and sophisticated aesthetic. They have printables for bullet journals as well as calendars, gift tags, etc.


Laura has printables for everything from road trips to cookie exchange parties, to habit trackers. Although not made primarily for bullet journals and traveler's notebooks, many of her things can be printed on a smaller scale and used for journaling.


Lumina Creative Studio recently released a free printable calendar for 2018, but they also free printable art and patterns to use as decoration!


How could I not give 3 Years Apart a shameless plug? :D
Helen works hard on her printables and releases new ones pretty much every week. She's getting better and better at it. So far, she's built a little library of free printables (we'll add photos soon).
Please go check it out!

Wishing you the best holiday weekend,

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