October Doki Doki 2017

Hello! It's Amy, and it's time for another JapanCra--

DOKI DOKI Crate!!!!! Halloween Special~!

I know Halloween has already passed, but...I don't care!

A reminder: the Doki Doki crate is filled with 5-7 items that range from cute to flippin' cute. :D

And also comes with a manga-zine that describes the items inside the crate. In this month's edition, there is also a Halloween-themed recipe, and 4 Koma (comics).

Trick-or-Treat time! But mostly treats!!

Featuring our hand model Helen! haha
Tomomi & Nuki Halloween Mug
     You just can't go wrong with a mug. Especially when the mug is holiday-themed. Time to go through the mug drawer to make more room....

Disney Tsum Tsum Socks
    The Tsum Tsum is an addiction. Try to refuse all you want, but Tsum Tsum will always win. Especially when in sock form. Heh heh heh. These socks are 1 of 9 designs. I got the Winnie the Pooh and friends.

Rabbit Ragdoll Keychain
     A cute little rabbit keychain that makes a great accessory.

Halloween Hoppe-chan
     1 out of 3 different versions. Hoppe-chan is always a cutie and there are so many versions to add to your collection!

Sanrio Gift Bags
     Characters from Sanrio chillin' all over the treat bags? Yes. Great party favors that can be filled with other Halloween toys or candies.

Cat Paw Gloves + Cat Ear Hair Clips
     Need a quick costume? Cutest hair clips with little bells and super soft gloves make an easy and fast costume. Although it is hard to give out candy, hold a candy, open a candy wrapper...but don't ever take the gloves off because they are SUPER SOOOOFT!

This crate is always filled with so much cuteness! And I love the fact that the crate includes practical but cute items. Doki Doki never disappoints!

Thank you for sticking with me!

Do you want more?