Bullet Journal Plan With Me No. 002 | Kim's New Bullet Journal Setup + November 2017

Hello everyone!

I explained in the youtube video below that this is not my first bullet journal rodeo. I actually started bullet journaling sometime in 2013 when Ryder Carroll first popularized his method and used one of those college-ruled notebooks that are like 25 cents during back-to-school sales and a pen.

The basic system worked really well for me, but as the style caught on and evolved to include things like collections and fancy spreads, the upkeep in my bullet journal also grew. Finally, I ended up dropping the whole thing altogether and making my own daily pages, which I used consistently for a year.

Now, due to changing planning needs, I've decided to come back to the bullet journal. I made sure to keep everything super duper simple. That doesn't mean minimalist; it just means nothing more than the necessary. It now has a home in my Traveler's Notebook.

Here's a tip Helen gave me on how to put the Artist's Loft Journal in your Traveler's Notebook:

1. Untie the Traveler's Notebook elastic.
2. Open the Artist's Loft Notebook in the middle and you'll see that the spine will hollow out.
3. Thread the elastic through both the Traveler's Notebook and the hollow in the spine.
4. Re-tie the elastic.

Spreads and Collections in the new bullet journal setup

Daily Routine
Future Log
27 Goals for Age 27
Body Measurement Tracker (with Before / After photo)
Gift List 
Stuff to Try
TV Tracker / Podcast Tracker
Projects  / Stats Tracker
Ideas List
Monthly Spread / Sleep Log / Habit Tracker
Weekly Spread
Dailies (not in video, since November hadn't started yet)

People mentioned in the video

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