20 Inspirational Mandarin/Cantonese Journal/Planning on YouTube and Instagram

Hi, fellow journal-lovers and planner nerds! It's Helen, the youngest sister of 3YearsApart.

This is a shout out to those of you who speak or learning Mandarin/Cantonese. Us three sisters are ethnically 100% Chinese but born and raised in the United States. As children, we were fluent enough in Cantonese to have a decent conversation and understood super, super basic Mandarin. Through the years, our need for speaking Chinese grew less and less which resulted in forgetting quite a bit. Well, not really for Kim. Fun fact! She spent some time in China before officially moving to New York! Kim's Chinese is pretty good in my opinion. But when learning a new language, it's something to review and study every day.

So after the long-winded backstory of my excitement for this post, here is how I found fellow Chinese planner nerds. Whilst searching for new journaling and planner videos to binge for some inspiration, I thought of searching for "Chinese bullet journal", the simpler the better. I was super stoked to find a Cantonese speaking planner video and instantly shared it with my sisters. Kim went a step further to search "同我一齐写手帐" and a whole array of videos popped up! Now we can research planning and journaling, get inspired, and practice our Mandarin and Cantonese! That's like, three steps in one! If you have any suggestions on which creative crafter we should check out, comment down below!
Without any more rambling here is a list of Helen's Favorite Mandarin/Cantonese Journal and Plan with Me's on Youtube and Instagram! ( In no particular order. All images and media content is credited to the individual listed alongside it. )


  1. adornAddiction
  2. Sophistication.
  3. Sophie Sun
  4. Hello Lazylee
  5. Miss Unicorn
  6. Nicole Wong
  7. Victoria Yu
  8. mishell
  9. NicoleLifeTv
  10. theLittleSarahBlog


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