JapanCrate September 2017

Helloooooo! It's Amy with another JapanCrate~ :D

For September, JapanCrate partnered up with a special guest: professional skateboarder Tony Hawk!

This crate is actually no different than the other months (unless you are a super fan of Tony Hawk) except that all the items were chosen by Hawk.

Edamame Baked Chips
Edamame is actually one of my favorite snacks/appetizers so I am quite picky about any edamame flavored snacks. The edamame flavor is subtle but if actual edamame is too strong for one's taste buds, this snack is a pretty good substitute.

Onion Puffs
Wow! Onion flavor is strong on this one. But very addicting. Probably not a good snack to munch on before heading to a social gathering of any kind. Haha!

Heart Chiple
A slight sweetness at first and then a small kick of spicy.

ABC Message Cookie
Is it just me, or do all ABC cookies taste similar? Delicious, but pretty much the same? Always fun to spell words out though. Never gets old.

Coconut Star Cookies
First off, anything coconut is good. Especially when the cookies have a strong milky coconut flavor.

Ginza Rusk
My favorite one in the September crate. Creamy, milky, vanilla-flavored deliciousness. Crispy but melts in your mouth.

Picola Mango Yogurt
Mango. Another fruit flavor that can't go wrong. Especially in rolled wafer cookie form.

Fujiya Home Pie Cinamoroll, Sumikko Gurashi Gum, Pompompurin Milky Lollipop, Kumamon Umaibo Corn Soup Stick
Its candy. CANDY. Don't question.

Sour Lemon Gum, Fire Ice Coffee, Birdhouse Fidget Spinner
Sour candy. Awesome. Gum form? Awwww yeeeaaaaah~. The coffee is enjoyable but is slightly bitter so if you prefer sweeter coffee, might want to add creamer or try a different coffee. Bonus Item! A skateboard-shaped fidget spinner.

Sumikko Gurashi DIY Flan

DIY goodies are best experienced in person. 'Nuff said. Although for me personally, the making process is more a enjoyable experience than the taste...

Another JapanCrate, here and gone. Thanks for sticking this long. There are soooo many crates out there! If there are any recommendations, I would love to know!

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