Inexpensive Birthday Gifts | Easy DIY Harry Potter Backpack, Handmade Custom Birthday Card, and more!

Hello, everyone!

It was recently Kim's birthday (3 Years Apart eldest sister). Let's see what we got!

Kim 🐧

Happy Birthday to Me!

The party's not until this weekend, but I already opened the presents my sisters sent me (let's be fair, the date has already passed).

Since I live across the country, usually we order stuff off the internet and just have the shops mail the items to the gift recipient, but this year my amazing sisters made some things by hand.

Boy, was I excited when I saw this box:

There was some pretty awesome stuff inside!
1. Harry Potter Mini Backpack - I've already gotten compliments on this. Helen shares how she made it below.
2. Harry Potter Gryffindor Journal - Can you tell I'm in Gryffindor?
3. Harry Potter Gryffindor Necklace - Can you tell we're huge Harry Potter fans?
4. Artists Loft Grid Journal in Teal - $5 - You can see how crazy they got with buying journals here on Instagram.
5. Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti Journal - $5 -This was also spotted on Instagram!
6. Amy's Handmade Birthday Card - It's on very pretty, fancy, shimmery paper, and made with love and care, which she tells you about below. Pictures don't do it justice.
7. Pretty Box - $1 - used for packing up the gifts.
8. Bangle Bracelet with a K - Only $1 according to the display card! Not sure where they got it from.
9. Handmade Apache Heart Tree of Life Necklace with Butterfly - This was actually a souvenir Helen picked up from her trip to Oregon from an artist also named Kim at Charleytown Marketplace!
10. Secret envelope full of top-secret stuff!

11. Large Stoneware Snowman Mugs - $1 - The idea is for me to turn these into penguins someday.
12. Miss Piggy & Simba Tsum Tsum Mini Figures

Thanks to my lovely sisters!

Helen 💡

Easy DIY Harry Potter Backpack

Happy Birthday, Kim🐧! There's going to be a Ravenclaw on for Amy🐢 and Hufflepuff for Helen💡 Matching Geeky Sisters!
Helen💡 put together a DIY Harry Potter backpack for Kim and it only took roughly 20 minutes to complete! The main feature is the Gryffindor iron-on patch bought from Target (they're sold at multiple stores) and then the mini backpack is from Walmart, of course, you can use whatever you'd like i.e. bag, hat, shirt, etc. The total cost was $30 (not including the amount of the E-6000 adhesive tube already owned.) Please use whatever adhesive you are comfortable with, just double check if it is compatible with your materials.

No Boundaries - Mini Black Backpack ($19.97 US)
Ata-Boy Harry Potter Gryffindor Crest 3" Iron-On Patch ($7US)
2 fl oz Clear E6000 Industrial Strength Adhesive ($3-$5 varying by stores and discounts)
Once all the materials have been gathered and placement has been decided, the iron-on patch was adhered to the backpack with industrial permanent adhesive rather than sealed with heat only because the faux leather material wouldn't be ideal with heat and had a chance of melting. If you have used E6000 before, then you know, it either takes too long to come out and then just continuously oozes to no end. So we recommend poking a small hole in the seal to control the adhesive as it comes out and immediately screw the cap back on when not in use. Smaller tubes of E6000 would definitely suffice if this is the only project you plan on using it for.

The first thing to do before putting your patch on, if you're using a bag or backpack, is to stuff it with paper or something similar to give it structure. This provided more of a flat surface to work with. For this project, a q-tip/cotton swab is most helpful to cover patches edges with E6000 while giving you better control of excess adhesive oozing out. (If you do have excess, wipe as soon as possible. The adhesive will dry enough to get rubbery but not to the point where you can chip it off.) Use some books to weigh it down while the E6000 is setting and it also makes sure the patch dries flat. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes. (Note that in colder temperature, it will take longer for it to set.) At this point, it should be pliable enough for you to carefully lift up the loose or not-so-glued-down edges and touch them up with a bit of E6000 to ensure a permanent bond to the material. Then BAM! You got your quick and easy Harry Potter House Crest Backpack, or whatever you chose.

Amy  🐢

Handmade Custom Birthday Card

Amy 🐢 went with a hand-drawn custom birthday card.  The material was linen cardstock with a pearl finish from Craft Sensations that was actually purchased from the dollar store! The pearl finish added a pretty shimmer on the card that gave it a little something extra but did not overpower the white.

As soon as I decided to make this card, an idea immediately popped into my head. Penguins represent Kim (Hi Kim!). Kim represents penguins (Kim! Heeeeey!). Birthday girl front and center, surrounded by a bunch of penguin heads wearing a little bow tie for the special occasion. Instead of having a bunch of penguins with the same facial expression, I thought it would be cute to make each face different. As cute as penguins are, I also wanted to add in Eevee (our doggie doggie) somewhere. Because I just had to...
The end result is a simple card that I hope the birthday girl enjoys (you-better-love-and-cherish-it-because-a-lot-of-love-and-effort-went-into-this-even-if-it-doesn't-look-like-it-okay?!-love-yooouuuuu).   :D

And that's a wrap! Thanks for sharing Kim's birthday with us!

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