Bullet Journal Plan With Me No. 001 | October 2017 - My First Bullet Journal

Helen's💡 first official Bullet Journal! If you saw this post on our Instagram:
Then you know that the Artist Loft Grid Journals were only $5 USD! What a bargain and a perfect excuse to add a bullet journal to my multiple planner system. I couldn't justify buying a nice journal that's up to $20-$30 to try out another planning system, so when I found these little guys, I was a very happy stationery addict. Since I am currently unable to give a comparison between the Artist Loft brand and the other well-loved journals in the bullet journal community, here are a few videos to answer your questions!

You will notice a major difference between the Artist Loft and the higher end journals is that the Artist Loft doesn't have a pocket on the back cover. I absolutely love pockets and I thought I could definitely DIY a pocket for myself! In the video below you will see me glue down the extenders down for the pocket, which completely defeats the purpose of trying to use them to extend the pocket. I later had to rip them back to properly tape them back down. Ah, just because I'm crafty doesn't mean all my crafts are successful. Haha

Before I actually start writing in my bullet journal, I did about a week and a half worth of researching. Don't get me wrong I loved looking at bullet journals for years before this, but actually applying it to be efficient for me was another thing. Here's what I found helped me get started:

1. Write down what you want your bullet journal to help you achieve.
     i.e. Complete Daily Tasks, Track Time, Lists, Project Planner, etc.

2. Go venture out in the world wide web! The biggest resource for me was obviously YouTube and Pinterest. I found them the easiest to navigate and the quickest way to see multiple ways to format a page as well as different types of hacks and customization. I saw things like habit trackers, running list, dutch doors, etc. The second best, and I think most inspiring, is Instagram. You can find a fellow bullet journalers whose aesthetic is similar to yours and will inspire you to no limits.

3. Take note on ideas that might help you and you want to try in your bullet journal. You can always change it, even after it's inked in the bullet journal, just turn the page!

4. Pre-Plan your Planner. Totally optional! Ryder Carroll, the creator of the BulletJournal.com, made it be simple and non-time consuming. But if you want your spreads to cater specifically to your needs, that effort you have to put in yourself, for yourself. I personally like to use page flags and sticky notes!

Supplies in the video:

All you really need is a notebook and a pen, these extra supplies are used to motivate me creatively and my creativity itself. Two of the things I want to improve with a bullet journal is my calligraphy and start enjoying drawing. So if it's something you use and it makes you happy, the splurge is worth it in my eyes. Let's just all me stationery addicts together!

Kim 🐧 has actually started a bullet journal before and recently decided to try it again! Both of us will be posting our spreads on our Instagram @threeyearsapart

Ambiment Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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