Top Favorite Planner, Traveler's Notebook and Bullet Journal DIY's

Hello planner friends! As we all know, planning is a creative hobby which motivates us to be productive on a day to day basis. Like all hobbies, it can get expensive with brand names and growing your collection overtime. One of my favorite things about the planner community is the inspirational people who craft their own supplies to planners itself. So I've compiled a list of a few of my top favorite DIY's for various types of planning styles, budgets and accessories! Please share who you inspires you! 

Thank You for your time!
Helen 💡

Bullet Journal:

  1. - Top 12 Bullet Journal Hacks
  2. - 12 Layouts Ideas You'll Want to Steal for your Bullet Journal
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  1. - How to Make a DIY Personal Planner
  2. - DIY Life Planner for Less Than $5
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Traveler's Notebook:

  1. - Free Printable Traveler's Notebook Inserts
  2. - More Cute Free Printable Traveler's Notebook Inserts

Accessories & Decor:

  1. - DIY Planner Accessories
  2. - 25 Inspiring Planner Accessories

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