Journal with Me No. 001 | New Jersey & Vermont Trip

My journaling has evolved so much over the years. It started first with a written journal, then a drawing sketchbook, which eventually led to a combination of the two.

More recently though, I started incorporating photos into my journaling, especially for memories. Does that mean it's now a scrapbook? I don't know, everyone seems to have their own criteria for how the terms are defined.

Anyway, I happened to collect more ephemera on my last trip to New Jersey and Vermont and since we have a Youtube channel now, I figured why not share the journaling process? I confess I'll occasionally binge watch "Journal with Me" videos. Let me know if you have any amazing ones to recommend!

I do wish I used my watercolor paints to put some color onto the backgrounds or for a small painted doodle. I also should have made a pocket for the farm animal photos instead of doing the flippy thing. Next time, next time...

Some things used:
Epherma mostly from places listed below.
Various stamps from A Beautiful Mess - looks like they no longer sell them.
September Free Printables from 3 Years Apart.

In case people are curious, I'll link to some of the places I went to during that week, if you're nearby maybe you can enjoy them too!

New York
Saffron (Tapas Restaurant in Howard Beach, NY) - Highly recommend Plantain Nachos!

New Jersey
Cipher Seeker (Waldwick, NJ) - Worth going to for puzzles! Room decor is decent.
Empire Rooms (Fairfield, NJ) - Room decor is great! Puzzles are pretty good.
Rosa-Ly Pierogi (Fairfield, NJ) - Good pierogi, Nice people.
Nevada Diner (Bloomfield, NJ) - Regular diner fare.

Twice Blessed Community Thrift Shop (West Dover, VT) - Best thrift store ever!
Green Mountain Adventure Challenge (West Dover & Wilmington, VT) - Need more of this type of thing! Thanks Charles (and Lassie) and Phil and Phillip and the locals/challengers that we met along the way.
Mount Snow (West Dover, VT) - Hard hike up, easy hike down. Don't suggest the Mount Snow trail in the summer. It's literally just a dirt road up the mountain
Pettee Memorial Library (Wilmington, VT) - Shoutout to Jennifer and the library patron who helped direct us to the wise man! Also, thank you for the free wi-fi. ^^;
Green Mountain Flagship Co LTD (Wilmington, VT) - Rented Canoes. Richard was very nice.
Haystack Mountain Trail (Wilmington, VT) - Nice hike up to the summit! Very rocky at the start.
Adams Family Farm (Wilmington, VT) - I miss you Bubbles (the horse)!
Red Fox Shop (Wilmington, VT) - They sell art, cheese, wine, etc. A specialty store.
1836 Country Store (Wilmington, VT) - Got fudge!
Jacksonville General Store (Jacksonville, VT) - Super Duper nice people. Got ice cream!

Do you want more?