Mickey Mouse the Animated Series

Mercury Filmworks, a Canadian studio, provides the animation

This animated TV series was officially released back in June 2013 on Disney Channel

Look at this faaaaaaace~

The episodes are available on the Disney Channel website:

However, this channel on Youtube also provides the episodes:
(along with some classic Mickey cartoons ooohhhh)

Me when I see a new Mickey Short come out

This cartoon style is very different from the older Mickey Mouse animation styles mainly from the extensive use of Toon Boom and Flash animation. It could take some getting used to the animation if you love and prefer the older style.
There is also heavy slapstick comedy involved so if that isn't your cup tea...drink it anyway. Just joking! Each episode is about four minutes in length, give 'em a chance!
Even though the show is rated TV-G, there is some violence involved in a few episodes. If you choose to show this to a younger audience, I recommend you watch first to judge what you deem appropriate.

If Mickey and his friends are just not enough to drag you in, there are some special appearances by stars of other well know Disney films...


Lady and the Tramp

Beauty & the Beast

...just to name a few.

Give credit where credit is due. Or at least acknowledge the efforts of those who work hard to create something that is thrown out into the world for all to see...
Paul Rudish directs the series with Aaron Springer and Clay Morrow. Other members of the team include Jenny Gase-Baker, Dave Wasson, Chris Savino, Eddie Trigueros, Heiko Drengenberg, William Reiss, Alonso Ramirez Ramos, and Dave Thomas.

Mickey makes a lot of expressions that are quite similar to mine...

Side Note: One of my favorite episodes is Wish Upon A Coin so if you really don't want to dive into these, that particular episode is a fun one. :D

Some of the animations inspire me on my sketches of the stickers for 3YearsApart. Or gives me a break and a nice laugh just when I need one, so I hope this or any other project provides the same for others.

ALRIGHT! ENOUGH OF THIS! Go check it out! The animated shorts can describe itself far better than a bunch of words so go! Go! GO!

And just because there are some more awesome moments that just needed to be shared...

You're still here?! Go watch it NOW!

...when I have to wait for the next episode release

Thank you for sticking with me until now. :D If there are any shows you like, feel free to share~!

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