Doki Doki Crate August 2017

Doki Doki Crate 

Hello~! This is Amy, back with another crate with some fun surprises from Japan. This certain package is from the August Edition.

The Doki Doki Crate is from JapanCrate except this crate is filled with a different kind of peek into Japan.  JapanCrate focuses on exploring Japan through snacks and candy. Doki Doki on the other all about the cutesy side of Japan!

Just like the other crates, Doki Doki is tied to a specific theme each month. For August, the theme was "Back to School". I love office/school supplies. Unexplainable reason as to why but I always have to check out this specific section in any store if it is offered. I know Asia has these freaking cute stationery shops that are just not available in the U.S. Doki Doki crate is one way I found to satisfy my weird craving. There are 5-7 items included, as well as a wearable item, and a key chain from the Hoppe chan (?) collection.

A few sneak peeks into the goodies~

Chun Chun Friends Plushie
Hoppe-chan key chain
Totoro Cup Side A
Totoro Cup Side B
Vitamin Ballpoint Pen
Vitamin Pen Extended

Cute stuff. From Japan. Just...I can't....

Cinnamoroll Notepad
Cinnamoroll Letter Set

I am a HUUUGE sucker for stationery items. 

Make them cute? They will become MINE! xD

This is actually 6 out of 8 items. Want to see other kinds of items that are included? You can visit JapanCrate where it will show past crates and what brands will be included in the next month's crate.

Thanks for joining me with Doki Doki~! Until next time...

3 Years Apart is not sponsored by JapanCrate or any brands that are included in JapanCrate/Doki Doki Crate. Thank you.
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