Vacation Sticker Bundle - Free Bullet Journal and Planner Printable

Free DIY Printable Bullet Journal and Planner Stickers

Yay! It's still summer, the time to go traveling and make memories. I am going on a long road trip soon and I definitely needed some visual aides to help me stay sane and organized. A very minimalist style so you can just have fun on your trip! It also pares well with other styles of stickers so you can customize to your destination. There's also a little something different included, which is a full page sticker. It is for seven days, but it is also very easy to cut down the days or print more sheets to add more days. For example, my road trip is going to be nine days, but I'm going to combine the columns to total 10 days for prep day. The days of the column also features divider markers for different sections. However your brain works, I hope these free downloads help you have a nice trip! 

These are available in PDF, PNG, and JPEG files down a the bottom and are designed to print on 8.5" x 11" paper for bullet journal type planners, but of course can be applied for any planner. (Erin Condren, The Happy Planner, Traveler's Notebooks, Ring Bound Planners, etc.) Please feel free to customize how you cut them out and put them together like puzzles!

If you have any questions, requests or suggestions for sizes or different designs please contact us or comment down below to let me know! We want to inspire and to be inspired!
      - Thank You!  Helen

Travel Bundle Includes:

Icon Boxes
  • Simple icons in boxes of 1.5 in. width.
  • Weather Trackers
  • Flight Info Box
  • To do and To pack list.
Script Headers/Words
  • Big script stickers to mark off major tasks.
7-Day Travel Itinerary
  • 7-Day itinerary has four section markers if you wish to divide your day into groups i.e. food, events, locations, transportation, morning, afternoon, evening, etc.

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  • Each monitor varies the color, you may need to adjust printer settings for your preference.
  • Unless you are scaling the printable to fit your planner/journal/notebook, be sure to check and make sure your printing the Actual Size or at 100% for 8.5 x 11" letter size paper. Putting your printer settings to Best or High Quality is recommended for crisper lines.
  • Please note that we can only provide limited support for your printed questions as we are not familiar with all printers and cutting machines.


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Travel Icons designed by Freepik from
Font Lemon Tuesday from & by @daria.kwon instagram
Font Karly's Alt from by Karly
Font May Queen from by Divide by Zero
Font Kristi from by Birgit Pulk
Font Dr Sugiyama from by Sudtipos
Font The Bold Font from & by
Font Digory Doodles from by holdsworthdesign
Font Antro Vectra from by Youssef Habchi
Font Tight Writer from by Florian Mihr
Font Bulky Refuse Type from by Phillip Steffen
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