Journal Flip Through - Age 21.Vol 1

Hello everyone! Some of you may know that 3YearsApart was created as a way for us three sisters to keep in touch as we grow and change throughout life. We also love to see all the art we're creating and share interests to inspire each other.

This is the first journal I have ever finished. I always started a journal and on the first page I would always write, "I'm going to keep up with writing in this everyday!" which would last a few days. In the past few years I discovered a whole community of a kind of scrapbook mixed with journaling form of memory keeping and I love it! As you will see in the video, I personally like to use photos of adventures, stickers, washi tape, ephemera, happy mail, and watercolor painting in my journal. Some may dislike how the paper crinkles from the watercolor paint, but I really like the look of it. 

It's really easy to compare your journal to everyone else's pretty pictures on Instagram and Pinterest and get discouraged. But as long as it pleases your aesthetic and you enjoy looking at your memories/content, that's all that really matters. One of the many things I like about this way of journal is the versatility. You can really do whatever you want and try new things. I keep my journal with my A5 Traveler's Notebook from ShopJot on Etsy so I can keep all my creative bits and pieces all in one place. I also like to record my journals and planners by age, kind of like Adele and her albums. That's just how I personally remember events in my life.

 Here is a flip through of the whole journal. Apologies in advance for skipping pages and for covering some parts with sticky notes/old book pages (from an old project) for privacy reasons. There are links in the description box of the video.

I am currently working on Volume 2 and I will post a flip-through of it as well. I hope to finish four journals in the year that I am 21. Both Amy and I love journals and it's just so hard not to get all the pretty ones especially when they are on sale! This has encouraged me to write more, practice my calligraphy, start watercolor painting again, as well as using up my crafting materials that I tend to hoard. I hope to use this as a creative outlet for a very long time and see how my style changes through each journal. How do you journal? Or you might have a different creative outlet?
 - Thanks for your time!  HelenšŸ’”

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