Fitness Bundle - Free Bullet Journal and Planner Printable

Hello again! I greet you with more free downloads! I, Helen, design more of the functional stickers while Amy is 3YearsApart's character artist as we bounce ideas off of Kim. Look out for more fun things to come! I am a visual person and things like stickers help make things stand out against the task lists and help motivate me to prioritize. So it just makes sense to use stickers to get healthier right?

These are designed to print on 8.5" x 11" paper for bullet journal type planners, but of course can be applied for any planner. (Erin Condren, The Happy Planner, Recollections Planners Traveler's Notebooks, Ring Bound Planners, etc.) Please feel free to customize how you cut them out and put them together like puzzles!

Fitness Bundle Includes:

  • Weekly and Daily Hydrate/Water Tracker Boxes in two styles, size is 1.5 inches in width.
  • Script Words in 11 different styles. No wider than 1.5 inches. Credit at the bottom!
  • Script words in total of 28 boxes 1.5 inches in width.
  • Icons in Boxes: Muscle, Dumbbell, Fit Bit, Sneakers, Weight, Stopwatch, Exercise Bike, Treadmill, Yoga Mat.
  • Four weight scales.
  • Boxes for smoothies ingredients.
  • Five Meal Tracking Boxes
  • Three Body Measurements Boxes
If you have any questions,requests or suggestions for sizes or different designs please comment and let me know! We want to inspire and to be inspired!
 - Thank You!  Helen 💡

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  • Each monitor varies the color, you may need to adjust printer settings for your preference.
  • Unless you are scaling the printable to fit your planner/journal/notebook, be sure to check and make sure your printing the Actual Size or at 100% for 8.5 x 11" letter size paper. Putting your printer settings to Best or High Quality is recommended for crisper lines.
  • Please note that we can only provide limited support for your printed questions as we are not familiar with all printers and cutting machines.


  • 3YearsApart printable downloads are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. They are designed by 3YearsApart and are free unless listed otherwise. 
  • Downloads, Printable, Stickers, and other products that are hand drawn by 3YearsApart will be available for purchase unless stated otherwise.
  • To share these downloadable printable files or images, please link to this post not just the file to give full credit.
  • If any posts violate any copyright laws, notify us and it will be removed immediately.


Fitness Icons designed by Freepik from
Font Lemon Tuesday from & by @daria.kwon instagram
Font Karly's Alt from by Karly
Font May Queen from by Divide by Zero
Font Kristi from by Birgit Pulk
Font Dr Sugiyama from by Sudtipos
Font The Bold Font from by
Font Digory Doodles from by holdsworthdesign
Font Antro Vectra from by Youssef Habchi
Font Tight Writer from by Florian Mihr
Font Bulky Refuse Type from by Phillip Steffen
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  1. The pdf Fitness Bundle won’t let me save to my own Google Drive. ��

    1. Hi Sarra!

      Great comment, a workaround downloading files then uploading them to drive is a time and storage saver. After a bit of research on the web, I found this forum with multiple solutions!
      Depending on your browser you choose add-ons and extensions to save to Google Drive.
      Here's one way without extensions:
      Click PDF link to open drive PDF file > Click Print button (top right) >
      When Print Menu opens, next to Destination on the menu, Click "Change..." Button > Select "Save to Google Drive" > Click "Save" on the Print Menu.
      This will save the PDF to your Google Drive with a very long name that makes no sense, so you will have to rename it.
      Thank you for visiting our blog and letting us know! I hope this was helpful for you and future viewers. If there is anything else, we would be glad to chat! :)


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