August 2017 Plan with Me: Monthly Pages Set Up

Hi friends! You probably noticed Helen posting some free printables and since I needed to do a new 6-month Year-at-a-Glance. I might as well show you what I set up for August.

Year-at-a-Glance / Future Log / Overview. Blurred to protect everyone's privacy!

I used to use the full bullet journal system, but in an attempt to find "planner peace" I've since created a custom system that's part BuJo and part personalized daily checklist. The BuJo part houses my half-year overview, monthly task lists, and the habit trackers.  The notebook I'm currently using is Baron Fig's Vanguard in Flagship size.

The overview and monthly tasks section don't really start to fill up until the end of the previous month. July was pretty empty before too, but look at us now! There's no room to fit anymore! You can already tell December's gonna be pretty hectic.

It's not August yet, but once we hit Mid-August, this thing is in full swing!
I'm glad Helen makes calendars that start on Monday (her printables also include ones that start on Sunday). I prefer having the two weekend days together because then there's no visual break. We often have weekend events that take both days (like guests staying over).

Can you tell I love color-coding?

Actually, my favorite part of bullet journaling is seeing how people have adapted it and made it work for themselves using various modules. The best thing ever made was the habit tracker. The number of habits on mine is a little deceiving, most of it has been incorporated into my daily routine (except exercise - everyday is still a struggle). The sleep tracker is a new addition! I also always have a section on the bottom for notes (a.k.a. excuses).

If you used the habit tracker printable from July, you'll notice we added the days of the week above the dates for August. We're always working on trying to make things better. Let us know if you have suggestions.

The journaling style I use daily is pretty simple and plain. Minimalistic, but not minimalist.  It's partially because my "journal decor" collection is modest, it fits into a large zip-lock bag. Yay for small, expensive apartments in New York! Below is what I have. It's nothing compared to my sisters'! I'll decorate my journal once August actually hits.

All the journal decorations I own. But, I do have some art supplies!

Now you've seen the barebones of half of my system for staying organized.

The checklist part of my personal system is actually in a separate "book" that I carry around everywhere. I'll show it to you next time. You'll see why. Helen very recently introduced me to the Traveler's Notebook, which is basically the exact same thing I was doing (without realizing it)! So, I went out and bought a cover from ButterflyNotebook on Etsy and am waiting patiently for it to get here from the Ukraine.

We would love to see your set up, and let us know if you use Helen's printables! Just tag us on instagram @threeyearsapart and Helen (she manages our social media) will let us know!

Do you want more?