Stickii Club May Unboxing

Retro Pack  and Birthday Month Grab Bag

Hey everyone! For my first post I give you an unboxing of Stickii Club's May Packs. This is my first video so there are some focusing issues and the lighting isn't the best. I am proud of it none the less. I already have notes on how to improve and I hope you will join me on this creative journey. :)  Comment down below which Stickii Pack you would like and we could open them together in the future!
 Thanks so much!

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The very first video on this channel!! Here's a little intro about 3YearsApart: we are three sisters who are each 3 years apart and we'll each provide content of our own interests on this channel. We are still newbies so your patience and understanding is much appreciated :3 I, Helen, am the youngest and one of the many many things I like to hoard is stickers! xD

In this video I am showcasing Stickii Club, which is a wonderful subscription service with three styles/themes to choose from: Cute, Pop, and/or Retro. I chose Retro after much deliberation. Now the Retro pack featured in the video is the third pack I have received from this subscription and not only do you get stickers sheets but sticker flakes and often a small trinket correlating with the theme for the pack is included as well. This months theme for Retro was Music. I am going to to temporarily unsubscribe from Sticki Club purely for budgeting purposes, but I plan to subscribe to all three packs when I can. :)

The second pack featured was exclusively for May to celebrate Stickii Club's Birthday (1 year old! Congratulations!!) I believe it was about 25 sheets of stickers for roughly $25. Members already subscribed could use a coupon code. It was such a good deal!

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This video and post was not sponsored by Stickii Club.


JPB - High [NCS Release]

Vibe With Me by Joakim Karud
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