Sister Tag - 20 Questions!

Let's do a Sister Sibling Tag! These questions are from

In celebration of 3YearsApart becoming 1 month old soon, here's an opportunity to get to know us a bit more. Doing this tag was very fun and nostalgic. Comment down below and tell us any fun stories about you and your siblings!
  1. What was the last text you sent each other?
    • Kim - Last text to Amy "I don't know you >>" (in reference to the photo below). Last text to Helen "Did you just butt dial me?"
    • Amy - Last text to Kim was a photo.
      "We're related to you."
      Last text to Helen "f***** b****" (I was having a rough day and needed to vent a little)
    • Helen - Last text to Kim "Sorry, you called?" Last text to Amy "I'm assuming you have to work a full day and close."
  2. What do you and your siblings have in common?
    • Our parents. We all also took violin lessons, then quit playing, now we're terrible. :/ Need to pick that up again. 
  3. What's your funniest memory?
    • One time our neighbor's dog, a sweet little beagle, ran into our house. Our mom was in the bathroom with a mud mask on her face. The dog excitedly ran around the house and into the bathroom, took one look at mom (who was surprised and started yelling) and the dog bolted out of the house as fast as she could.
  4. Most memorable argument?
    • Kim - When we were very little girls (Amy must've been 4ish) we were playing video games. Amy got upset, grabbed my arm and bit me really hard. I yelled for our grandma to come stop her. 
    • Helen/Amy - One time we were making dinner together. Somehow we misunderstood each other about something and spent the next 40 minutes ignoring each other, or throwing small jabs just loud enough for the other person to hear. Which then grew into us screaming our heads off at each other: "I THOUGHT YOU SAID...!" "NO! I SAID..." "OOOOOOHHHH! I HEARD..." and ended with "OKAY WELL NOW I KNOW! MY BAD! CAN YOU WASH THE VEGGIES?! HEY HAND ME THAT PLEASE OKAY?! OKAY! THANK YOU!" Our dad came out of his room at some point when we were screaming and just did a U-turn back into his room. Dinner was laughs after that. :D
  5. What do you and your siblings do for fun?
    • Play video games! Draw. Watch movies together. Go shopping. Eat.
  6. Describe each other in three words.
    • Kim - Introverted
    • Amy - Sarcastic
    • Helen - Blunt
  7. What's something that annoys you about the other one?
    • Kim - Lack of communication *cough*AMY*cough*
    • Helen - Amy forgets about things. A lot. Kim throws pop quizzes around like confetti...
    • Amy - Their faces.
  8. Who keeps a cleaner room?
    • Not Amy
  9. What is something weird that you eat?
    • Century Egg (Thousand-year-old Egg/Pidan), Fish Head Soup, we also used to eat Haw Flakes as children. Chicken feet. Durians. This stuff would only be weird to non-chinese people though.
  10. What does your brother/sister think about the most?
    • Food. 
  11. Who reads more?
    • We all read a pretty decent amount, right? 
  12. What is something you like to do together?
    • Eat. Eat A LOT.
  13. What is your brother/sister really bad at?
    • Kim - telling jokes
    • Amy - photography
    • Helen - patience
    • We're all terrible at keeping in touch. Thank goodness we have this blog now!
  14. What's the best thing about one another?
    • We understand each other's weird sense of humor. We support each other in our decisions but give a dose of reality check when needed.
  15. Who takes longer to get ready?
    • Helen, but only because she's the only one who uses make-up consistently.
  16. Nicknames you have for each other?
    • Mimi. Mostly it's our friends who use nicknames. 
    • I don't think we ever called each other by a nickname.
  17. One thing you can do that your siblings can't.
    • Kim - Guitar?
    • Amy - Dedication to Animal Crossing?
    • Helen - Stage Crew stuff?
  18. What's a weird habit of yours?
    • Kim - I have to have really short nails. Can't do long. Not even a little bit.
    • Amy - I arrange things in ROY G BIV order. Skittles. Markers. Jewelry. Things.
    • Helen - I keep all the packaging for everything. Everything. All of it.
  19. Describe the last thing you did with your sister(s).
    • Kim - Go to the airport.
    • Amy & Helen - Went shopping and ate dimsum.
  20. Complete this statement: "My sisters are..."
    • AWWEESOOMMEEE!?!?!????!!!!
    • ...there for me~."
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