June 2017 Free Bullet Journal and Planner Printable Stickers

Free DIY Printable Bullet Journal and Planner Stickers

Hey guys! Helen here, and I love planning/organizing of all types of styles. A goal of mine is to design printables and post them on 3YearsApart so everyone can use them. Print them out on sticker paper and cut them out with stickers or a cutter. Another alternative is to print them out on any kind of paper you'd like (white, kraft, various colors) cut them out and adhere with glue or tape. Downloads are at the bottom of the post. Have fun and get creative! :D

These are designed to print on 8.5" x 11" paper for bullet journal type planners, but of course can be applied for any planner. (Erin Condren, The Happy Planner, Traveler's Notebooks, Ring Bound Planners, etc.) Please feel free to customize how you cut them out and put them together like puzzles! Majority of these are based off the system from the well known bulletjournal.com and of course the bullet journal and planning community. I will update these and put up another post each month.

June 2017 Bundle Includes:

  • Daily Dates in both Serif and Sans Serif Fonts.
  • Weekday Dates and Weekend in large print
  • Headers for notes, focus, bills, goals, today, and tasks
  • Moon Phases
  • June and July Monthly Mini Calendars
  • June daily trackers for habits, fitness, and wellness (Feel free to just combine the tracking rows together for one big June tracker.)
  • June Holidays in script style.
  • June theme phrases in script style (flower/stone of the month, birthday, summer, etc.)
  • Level 10 Life Tracker
  • June Calendar (Sunday and Monday Start)
  • Monthly Tracker Strips (2 versions: Date/Day then Day/Date)
  • Bullet Journal Key
If you have any questions,requests or suggestions for sizes or different designs please comment and let me know! We want to inspire and to be inspired!
 - Thank You!  Helen

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Free Printable Downloads Here!


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Font MORVA from dafont.com by @alitsuarnegara instagram alitdesign.net
Font Lemon Tuesday from dafont.com & 1001fonts.com by @daria.kwon instagram
Font The Bold Font from dafont.com & 1001freefonts.com by pindarots.com
Font Tight Writer from dafont.com by Florian Mihr
Icons from Microsoft Word Clip Art
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