~A Little Introduction~

Hello and welcome to our blog!

3YearsApart is a blog by three sisters who are each three years apart. It’s our way of keeping in touch via a creative outlet as life takes us to different places with unique experiences. As we grow older, we’ve learned to better appreciate each other’s company as well as the little things in life, but will always remain childlike at heart. Although we’re all very different from each other, our love of artistic, cute, beautiful things and the Harry Potter world unites us.

Our Bio Blurbs:

Kim - House: Gryffindor. I’m the eldest and furthest away. I moved 2000 miles across the country to settle in New York. When I’m not busy playing through a large collection of video games and board games, you can find me drawing, painting, hiking, journaling, or spending my weekends with friends and family. I also eat way too much cheese and cuddle penguins.

Amy - House: Ravenclaw. The PILLAR of 3 Years Apart but not really, but really, but not…. But I am the middle person in between the oldest and the youngest. :3 I am a suuuuuuper newbie at everything but especially blogging (and especially life) so there will be many stupid questions in the very near future. I tend to enjoy being the viewer instead of a participant in most activities. I’m not one of those kind of people who exercise to eat. I just eat. Books, puzzles, cute/fun stationery, my dog Eevee, the actual Pokemon Eevee, Netflix, Youtube, craft stores, the Disney Stores, and my I-can-buy-what-I-want-cause-I’m-a-big-girl-now-so-shush toys that are currently taking over any surface area in my room are a few of my favorite things. :D

Helen - House: Hufflepuff. The youngest of the trio born on March 3rd and I admit that I tend to hoard. I spend quite a bit of time on Netflix, Youtube and Etsy. I’m one of those kind of people who exercise to eat. Some of the many things I love is planning, organization, amazing packaging, cute figurines (others may call them toys), decorating, interior design, lifestyle, hiking, art, crafts, theatre (specifically Stage Crew), Harry Potter, and everything there is to learn in the universe.

And that about sums up the three sisters of 3YearsApart~
Thanks for playing with us!
Hopefully, 3YearsApart was an enjoyable experience and introduced or inspired something new!

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