August Faves - 2018

And we're back with another episode of 3 Sisters' Favorites. This time for August!

One thing we love about journaling and planning is that it helps us remember things that we enjoyed. Having it recorded makes it easy to go back and see what we loved over the past month.

Kim's Favorites

Pilot Fountain Pen Ink Converter (CON-50 and CON-40) - I love my Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen. What makes me love it, even more, is the converter I bought for it to replaces the cartridges. The converter basically siphons up the ink and is refillable, reducing the need to continuously buy cartridges and saves money over the long run. It also lets you use different inks. I prefer this type over the squeeze converter. The CON-50 is what I have, it works beautifully. The CON-40 is supposedly supposed to replace the CON-50. It's less wide, so holds less ink, and rattles (because of ink agitators), but it works in many different Pilot pens because it's slimmer. Pilot pens are proprietary, so you have to use their converters and cartridges.

Journal 29: Interactive Book Game - This book is so fun (especially if you're the type of person who likes puzzles or Escape Rooms)! You could do it solo or with a group. So far I'm a little over halfway in the book and there have been only 2 puzzles (there are over 60 in total) that I have minor gripes with. If you do get this book, just remember, don't overthink it! Also, the cover feels lovely (suede-ish?), even if it's easily dirtied.

The Uncurated Life Podcast - Podcast hosted by Cindy Guentert-Baldo that is very Planner Community focused. Love the way she talks and builds rapport with people. The rhythm is almost poetic. The core of her podcast is on authenticity and honesty.

Crane Museum of Papermaking - One of my favorite museums while visiting the Berkshires! Although small, I spent hours there (as did the other patrons). It was hosted by two wonderful retired gentlemen with infinite patience and a wealth of knowledge. Learned all about the paper in currency making and the security measures used in identifying bills - Crane & Co is the exclusive paper provider of the US currency. Also made some marbled paper and bought discounted stationery as gifts (forgot to take a photo before giving it away). The paper was 100% cotton and felt so lovely and the embossing was spot on! Hours can be odd. Their Facebook page seems to have the most up-to-date information.

Black Mirror (Netflix) - Nosedive episode - Social Ranking gone bad and the need to be true to yourself. This was a very interesting episode, especially in relation to fairly recent news about China's Social Credit System.

Amy's Favorites

Hawaii Five-0 TV Series 2010 (Netflix) - I always enjoy this show. It can be quite dramatic since it does revolve around crimes but there are those lighter comedic scenes sprinkled in here and there. It was sad to hear about some issues between two of the main cast members and the studio that couldn't be resolved.

In-N-Out - We actually do not eat out very often but Helen and I went a couple times in August. Animal Fries is a must to try at least once. And their burgers are always satisfying.

Starbucks - Not the same as eating out, I swear.  My friend and I usually get the Peach Citrus White Tea. Although the Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino is back again for a limited that's where I'm headed. Someone also got me a Double-Smoked Bacon Cheddar and Egg Sandwich for breakfast. That with some coffee/tea and I was ready to start the day. :D

Pie Pizzeria - Hmm...I don't normally eat out and yet this month...ahaha. I bought pizza for lunch at work as a way to show appreciation and the Pie has really good pizza that never disappoints. Note: This chain is a Utah original!

Helen's Favorites

Tombow Dual Brush Pens - Grayscale and Shojo Manga Palette - I used brush pens from these packs as to create my color scheme in my bullet journal for August.

O.P.I. Nail Polish - Tickle Me France-y - Some of you may know that I injured my hands a while back and the slowest parts to fully heal were my nails. This is such a first world problem, but I was just really excited to be able to paint my nails again!

PearTeaPaperie - I have been following them for a while and finally splurged on them when they were having a great sale! My order was so huge, it was even hard for me to double check my invoice. I emailed them about my missing items and they responded right away by telling me they reshipped those products immediately free of cost. Not only did it come quite fast, they even included some extra freebies! Great customer service and I will definitely order from them again!

Dimitri - This is my favorite memory of August. It was also the shortest one too. My brother visited and brought his friend's dog that he was watching, and Dimitri is just the most well behaved and kindest dog ever!

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